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For as long as I can remember, I have been a storyteller. Long before I ever held a camera, I drew elaborate scenes, wrote my own picture books, and I spun tales for anyone who would listen. Narrative, in all of its forms, has shaped every corner of my life into who I am today.


My job is to help you tell your stories. I am honored to be chosen to participate in and document your life, your moments, your people. Whether running around beside you throughout the joyful chaos of a wedding day, or together in my studio for a quieter, more intimate portrait session with the newest addition to your family, I treat each moment with dignity, love, and care. I take the responsibility of memory very seriously, and I will be there for you, to capture what makes you, and the people around you, the unique and beautiful characters that you are. As a seasoned traveler and adventurer, I've documented faraway lands and people all over  the world. As a wife and a mother, I've seen the profound impact of having a fleeting moment caught forever in a tangible keepsake. 


These are the moments that make up the story of your life. These stories are important. All of them. And I am excited to help you hold onto them forever.


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