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Maybe! I've photographed in a lot of different venues. However, since there are so many venues of all different kinds, and new venues are popping up all the time, there are also tons out there that I have not yet had the opportunity to photograph. A lot of couples worry that if I have not photographed their venue, that means I won't know how to photograph it well on the day. Let me assure you, that is not the case at all! Here's why:


First, I have photographed all different kinds of spaces and utilized all different kinds of light. I know my craft well enough to navigate any location that is put in front of me.


Second, I LOVE photographing new places. While it's great to photograph a place that I know well, being in a location that is new to me gives me a fresh perspective. This is really invigorating, creatively.


Third, I always recommend that we do a site visit before the wedding day if possible. This is something I will arrange with you ahead of time. We will meet at your venue, and together we will walk through the location and discuss your plans for where things will be happening, how you envision it, then you can also point out any particular spots that you want me to prioritize for photos. I will also be able to make note of some areas that I think will create some beautiful photo opportunities. You are also welcome to send me photos you've seen at your venue that you really love. I don't like to copy another photo exactly (just because that takes me out of my own creative process), but I will happily make note of location, vibe, etc. to be sure to factor all of that in while I'm creating images for you at your event.

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