Meghan and Jeff's Harborside Wedding


One of my 2019 brides, during her initial inquiry, mentioned how much she enjoyed reading my blog while she was checking out my work. It was such a great reminder that this is something really worth keeping on top of! I will never be "A Blogger" as my main job title, but I'm definitely going to try to take some regular time to devote to this corner of my website going forward.


Continuing on my "2018 Blog Catch Up" project, I give you THIS incredible day!


September 1, 2018, Meghan and Jeff tied the knot on a day that was just as exquisite as it was fun! These two were such a joy to work with- between their easy going personalities to their googly eyed love for one another (which makes my job as a photographer super easy) to their willingness to be spontaneous in the best ways, I had SO much fun working with them to capture their memories.


The day started off at the day at the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel. Everyone was in great spirits,

laughing together... and laughing at my second and I as we dangled ourselves off of furniture, precariously, to try to get some good detail shots. Hey! WE DO WHATEVER WE NEED TO WITHIN REASON TO GET THE SHOT, OKAY?!  From there, we moved to Saint Cecilia's Church for a full Catholic Mass ceremony. Saint Cecilia's has the warmest glow to it- some churches can be quite dark, but in addition to being beautiful, Saint Cecilia's is surprisingly bright with natural light. It's a photographer's gift, really, as far as Catholic Churches go!


When Jeff saw Meghan come down the aisle, he had one of the sweetest reactions I've seen- his eyes welled up and he looked beyond moved at the sight of Meghan, looking exquisite in her Enaura Couture dress, his beautiful bride escorted by her father walking toward him. The two of them both are so sincere in their connection and their love for one another, it is truly a joy to just stand in witness.


Immediately following the ceremony, everyone moved outside to watch the traditional Naval Sword Arch to welcome the new couple, especially Meghan, into the Navy family. Meghan and Jeff's brother's decided to hop into the row, using their arms in place of swords. How could you not want to be part of the action too?! It was a break with tradition in the most fun way possible.


After that, all of the guests and wedding party went on ahead to the reception. Meghan and Jeff asked me to hang back with them in their limo so that we could go get some quick photos of them along the Seaport boardwalk with the skyline in the background.


Well, what started as a quick stop soon morphed into something much more spontaneous, unique, and fun! As we were walking along the boardwalk, a water taxi puttered by in the harbor. Jeff put his hand to his chin with a mischievous thinking face and yelled to the man "hey, it's my wedding day and my reception is at Legal Harborside- how much would it cost for you to take us over there?" They worked out an agreement  and before I knew it, I was sprinting back to the limo to grab my bag and let the driver know he was released for the day. He handed me two bottles of champagne and sent me back to the happy couple. Running down the boardwalk double fisting bottles of champagne with my bag slung over my shoulder was definitely a unique moment in my photography career! We waited for the water taxi to return for us, and as we did, the tall ships sailed by. Kismet all around! Before long, the water taxi returned and off we rode into the sunset... to start the rest of the evening.


As the water taxi pulled up, the entire reception gathering came out on the deck to wave and cheer. It was an amazing impromptu welcome for and entrance by the bride and groom!


Once we reached Legal Harborside, Jeff changed into his suit, and the party began! From the first dance to a mash up of Frankie Valle's and Lauryn Hill's versions of "Can't Take My Eyes off of You" to the cocktails and the cake cutting with a sword... these folks know how to throw down and PARTY. I had such a great time, it was hugs all around when I left. 


Congratulations to Meghan and Jeff- may you have nothing but happiness on your horizons forevermore!





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