Jack and Gabby's Riverbend Park Proposal


You guys, it has been a crazy few months and I have utterly neglected my poor blog (and don't get me started on my ghost town of a Facebook page). So, mid year's resolution (is that a thing?!): Get better about managing my pages!  Starting with this one.



I had SO much fun photographing Jack's sweet and beyond thoughtful proposal this past Saturday. Jack's mom, Yvonne, contacted me a week or two ago, and when she told me the plan, I was swooning. Gabby, the now bride to be, went to Northeastern and loves Boston, so Jack, her fiancé,  brought both of their families here from Philly without her knowing, got them to bring their dog, Bud, and contacted Gabby's close friends. His brother, Joe, and Bud walked along the Riverbend Park walkway with an adorable custom sign around Bud's neck that said "Gabriella, will you marry me", while everyone else waited excitedly back at Cambridge Brewing Co. 



Well, Gabby was shocked. When she saw Joe and Bud walking toward her, at first she didn't believe it was them. When she read the sign, she barely had time to comprehend before Jack was down on one knee. She was crying, joggers were applauding, it was just a lovely moment. No surprise that Gabby said yes!


We took a few moments to take some photos of the newly engaged couple with sweet Bud, but then it was on to part two of the surprise. Logistically, this was a tricky one, since we had carpooled over with Jack and Joe's dad since parking is a challenge there. So how was I to get back before Gabby to catch photos of her excited reaction to part 2?!



Fortunately, I'm sneaky. So even though we all carpooled back together,  I asked her to drop me off near the parking garage where my car was. I congratulated them again and said their photos would be ready soon and I would be in contact. Then as they drove away, you better believe I got my HUSTLE on. I beat them to Cambridge Brewing by about 5 minutes, and oh man, was it ever worth it!!!


There, waiting for Gabby and Jack, were both of their families, their close friends, and an assortment of champagne, flowers, and balloons that spelled out "Marry Me". Everyone "hid" behind the Marry Me balloons to surprise Gabby.



Well, Gabby was beyond surprised to see everyone there from Philadelphia together. The tears were flowing, the hugs were plentiful- basically, I just felt so unbelievably honored to be part of this joyful occasion with this group of people!


I love photographing proposals for this very reason. It's such a special moment in a family's life. Whether you're a parent watching your kids take a step toward starting their own family or you're part of the couple promising to commit to each other for life, proposals are fun an emotional and beautiful and just so fun to photograph. I'm so glad they have these memories to hold on to! Congratulation Jack and Gabby!





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