Making the most of your snow day!


Ah, snowstorms.  It wouldn't be winter in New England without them! While there is plenty to dread about them (cold temperatures, wind, and during the storms themselves, possible power outages, downed branches, etc), I personally love snowstorms. I love playing in the snow, and I REALLY love photographing in the snow!


Back in December, a fellow photographer friend of mine asked me to take some photos of her husband and herself in the snow right after a snowstorm. Dusty branches, earthy tones- it was a visual wonderland!

(It also doesn't hurt that they are a fashionable and good looking couple!)


Here are my tips to nail a perfect winter photo session:


1) Try to go out as soon after the storm as possible, or, if it's safe to do so, during the storm itself. There is nothing more beautiful than snow coated branches and freshly fallen snow. Snowflakes falling can also create drama, romance, and whimsy within the shot.


2) Try to wear colors that either complement the natural earthy tones of snow mixed with bare trees, OR choose a color that will really pop against it. Jewel tones are particularly punchy against the snow and natural elements.


3) Dress warmly, but also remember to be aware of your outerwear and accessories. A lot of us prioritize warmth and comfort over fashion in the day to day winter months, but for a photo session, be sure to treat your outerwear as part of your overall outfit. Pick cute hats, mittens, scarves, flattering coats, and coordinate your colors, both within your outfit and preferably with anyone else who will be in the photo as well.


Now, all this to say, even if you don't do these things, you can still have a successful snow session! No matter what, the most beautiful thing in any photo is joy. So just have fun and enjoy yourself!










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